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Our model

At CKF, we have a unique operating model. We do not collect money from new members or existing members to maintain a operating fund. We only reach out to members when there is a scholarship request from a student. Most of the times, multiple sponsors express interest and we handle it accordingly based on the scholarship need and commitment required. Since CKF is run by group of volunteers, we do not have any operating expenses and 100% of the donations goes towards the education of students.

There is absolutely no obligation to sponsor, but becoming a member will help you know all the activities of the foundation and also an opportunity to volunteer for sponsoring a student when you can.

Membership benefits

Computer Kindness Foundation (CKF) is a registered NGO trust in India. The primary motive and objective for us and our members is to sport a Spirit of Service. We believe that CKF will go a long way in imbibing Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) among the people. We are currently working towards making all donations (India donors only) exempt from tax. We will keep you posted once we have that option.

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