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Student Mentorship

Apart from the financial assistance, itís also the time we spend with the students that helps them grow into better individuals. We asked ourselves if financial assistance alone is sufficient to make things work for the students we assist and the answer is NO. The team gets involved with each of the student we help and have recently started doing more of that and realized that we can really be of help in many areas to the students just by spending 15-20 minutes over a phone on a monthly basis. The mentorship program is a result of basic need for connecting with people and learning from each other and providing guidance. This need for guidance and help is valuable to the students we are helping. Finding mentors is a tremendous challenge. But CKF has a vibrant group of members and we wanted to leverage that.

Why mentorship?

CKF has been helping students financially for the past few years, but as a team we have learnt that itís not just money, but the time we spend with the students talking and providing help in different areas like studies, life etc. that has helped them grow into better individuals. So, we wanted to invest more of our time and formalize the mentorship initiative within the organization. We, at CKF do not want to be thought of as a bank, but of people with heart and soul. Think back. Did you know how to study for a test or make plans for college? Do you remember wanting your first car or looking for a part-time job? Simple things that seem easy or straightforward to you now may appear to be a complete mystery to a young person. You as a mentor can provide your mentees with an experienced friend who is there to help in any number of situations.

How can I contribute?

How? You tell us. Please drop us a mail at computer.kindness@gmail.com about your interest and how you would like to contribute to our mentorship program.

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