Computer Kindness Foundation

Scholarship FAQs

Look for your answers here. If you have any other questions, drop a mail to computer.kindness@gmail.com.

What is Computer Kindness Foundation?

Computer Kindness Foundation is a Non-For-Profit organisation helping schools/ Children Organisation to set up small computer labs (5-10 systems -- based on requirements) for students to use. We also do evaluate the students on a regular basis and provide further help and updates. We will also go ahead and help you more if your performance satisfies our expectations.

What is the motive behind?

Our motive is to take education a step ahead. Our concern is mainly focussed on geography where there is no easy access to computers by students. We also try to help and create career/ interest for students (also disabled) in this field.

How effectively will this be used for the needfull?

We do not stop just by setting up the infrastructure. We also have a continous evaluvation process, to make sure our efforts do not go to waste and the systems donated by us are put to effective use. We also plan to have a syllabus for the students to help us track the extent the system has reached. we are also considering other ways (like quartely reviews...etc) to make sure that the system works properly.

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